The Long Boom-The Vision for the Coming Age of Prosperity

The U.S., as well as many other countries throughout the globe, has witnessed remarkable economic prosperity in the last twenty years. Spurred by the growth of certain high-tech industries and evolving social and political trends, the U.S. economy is poised to continue its upward climb at the dawn of the new millennium. This optimism is enthusiastically embraced in the book The Long Boom.

Authors Peter Schwartz (founder of Global Business Network), Peter Leyden (former managing editor of Wired magazine), and Joel Hyatt (Stanford professor and founder of Hyatt Legal Services) take a detailed look at the global economy that has taken shape over the past two decades and make a compelling and optimistic case for continued prosperity for the next twenty years. The authors provide a comprehensive overview of emerging technologies, political and social trends, and evolving environmental issues that, they feel, will play an important role in carving a path of continued economic success and globalization in the years to come.

However, the optimistic outlook that Schwartz, Leyden, and Hyatt present will not evolve on its own. They feel that various intellectual and capital resources will need to be utilized in order to continue, or even surpass, the current economic boom. The authors suggest ten guidelines that, if followed, will help further cultivate globalism and social and economic growth.

The Long Boom has been highly touted as a visionary work that presents a positive outlook for tomorrow and beyond. At the same time, some individuals have criticized the book for being too idealistic. Regardless, The Long Boom truly is must reading for anyone who is interested in examining the future potential of the continually evolving global economy.


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