A Kick in the Assets: 10 Take-Charge Strategies for Building the Wealth YOU Want

Nearly all of us dream of acquiring significant wealth and a comfortable life, (frequently just after purchasing a lottery ticket) and fantasizing about how we would spend the winnings. But, what if you could attain your dreams without hitting the big jackpot? To get from here to there, you only need A Kick in the Assets.

If you bet on the lottery, the odds are stacked against you; however, if you bet on yourself, your odds are likely to be considerably more favorable. As his book`s subtitle intones, "10 Take-Charge Strategies for Building the Wealth YOU Want," Barnhart offers to place this promise of self-achievement within your reach.

Written as much to inspire you into action as it is to impart the financial wherewithal to act judiciously, the book is styled upon a pleasantly conversational tone that gives you the impression the author is right there talking to you as you read. Each of the ten chapters is comprised of several shorter, numbered sections that create an overall presentation of the material that is easily digestible. Another appealing feature of the book is that each chapter and section heading begins with an entertaining and insightful quotation, some famous and some anonymous.

A millionaire by age twenty-eight, Tod Barnhart became the youngest, licensed financial advisor in the United States when he was just nineteen. Author of The Five Rituals of Wealth, a Business Week bestseller, Tod is currently a sought-after investment advisor, television host, and motivational speaker.

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